There are many different reasons people choose to build granny flats. There are variations available in construction, design, plan and price. Granny flats, also known as Backyard Cabins, Secondary Dwellings and sometimes cottages are built for various purposes. We have built them to be intended for music and art studios, teenager’s retreat, home offices, keeping the family together, full-time nanny and to let out for extra income for the owners. Granny Flats are constructed as a detached residential structure but within the boundaries of the primary home. These are less costly than building a house and cheaper for looking after the folks who would otherwise be accommodated in an aged-care home.

Today’s granny flat designs Perth have everything a modern home has; with one or two bedrooms, a fully featured kitchen, a medium-sized bathroom, and a small lounge and dining room. The size of a granny flat is not very large; generally no larger than 60sqm excluding patio’s and verandas.

For young adults or the elderly, granny flats are an ideal choice. They can live close by while keeping their privacy. It is also easier for the rest of the family to keep a close eye on them. Elderly family members often find it difficult to live comfortably with their family but are often getting too old and fragile to live alone. A granny flat is a convenient means of providing affordable living for elderly people. Granny flats Perth are quite appropriate for those who are living in the city but have rural acreage property.

With the inclusion of a Granny flat, there can be an increase in the current and resale value of your property. The energy bills of a granny flat will be substantially low as compared to a regular house. Also, these kit homes are designed to meet local and state energy regulations, so heating and cooling costs are extremely low as a result. It is also generally very easy and affordable to get approval for these secondary dwellings, and they don’t take long to build also.

Granny flats are becoming increasingly popular due to the rising costs of housing and maintenance, not to mention the general lack of land in Perth these days. These are a good option if you want to accommodate teenagers and elderly family members.